Skin Specialists - Dermal Therapist

Jasna has had extensive experience in the skin and beauty industry, with 21 years experience she brings with her a thorough knowledge of all things skin. Jasna is truly passionate about assisting our patients in combatting their skin concerns, she is a fully qualified Dermal Therapist who holds a bachelor in Health Science majoring in Dermal Therapy, amongst many other qualifications. Jansa works closely with the paramedical, most prestigious brand DMK and truly believes in DMK’s concept of remove, rebuild, protect and maintain. She understands that each individual client should have a specific tailored treatment plan in order to achieve their skin goals. Jasna specialises in BBL and Laser and is highly experienced and skilled in both of these amazing technologies. Jasna’s love and passion for our industry ensures she is constantly driven to create a happy and safe environment for each of our patients, she believes in working closely with each patient to improve their skin health, her continuous drive to learn and evolve ensures that Jasna has the ability to provide our patients with the very best solutions for their needs.


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