LED (Light Emitting Diode) Phototherapy is a scientific, non-invasive therapy that was originally developed by NASA to aid wound healing in space. It’s the process whereby light of specific wavelengths, in the visible and invisible light spectrum, are delivered to the various layers of the skin to stimulate and activate cellular activities and processes (photo-modulation).The therapy is completely safe and does not produce a thermal reaction in the skin which, makes this a comfortable treatment for the patient.

  • Colours in the visible light spectrum have their own wavelength, frequency and vibration and penetrate the skin to different depths. The light energy is absorbed by the cell and converted into cell energy. It’s dispersed evenly to stimulate various types of cellular activities within the skin’s tissues like increased fibroblast activity, collagen synthesis, cellular rejuvenation and reduced bacteria activity.
  • Of the visible spectrum, violet light has the lowest penetration and absorption rate, whilst red light (640nm) has the deepest penetration and absorption rate. Infrared, although invisible to the human eye, has the deepest penetration and absorption of all aesthetic phototherapy wavelengths.
  • Polychromatic light (multiple wavelengths), simultaneously absorbed by the skin at different penetration depths, can treat a range of conditions more effectively than monochromatic light (single wavelength), that penetrates the skin to a single depth.